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Vixtel’s mission is to be the world leader when it comes to providing communications technology to our clients.
Connecting businesses regardless of device or location with a seamless and intuitive solution is what we do best. Always forward-facing the team at Vixtel accurately anticipate new trends in the telecommunications industry. This coupled with a nimble and responsive approach gives Vixtel the edge over our cumbersome competitors.

The Vixtel team consists of individuals from all areas of expertise unified by the passion for our clients and our mission. Telecommunication industry veterans, programmers, software and product developers, marketers, client relationship specialists, sales and technical engineers work together to provide our clients anything from a new phone system to a fully integrated marketing communications strategy.

Vixtel prides itself on being able to tailor a solution for each client. Spending time with and understanding clients and their business allows us to do just that.

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