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Delivering Outstanding Customer Experiences

As customers embrace new technologies and raise their expectations of service, retail is becoming more and more personal. Retailers have more channels to connect with customers available than ever before. Successful retailers will take advantages of new modes of communication, such as social media, but will also remember that personal interaction is still number one.

How Vixtel Transforms The Retailer

Website Sales Service

Live Connex is transforming the way clients interact with businesses. Using video, call or text, web enquiries can be treated like inbound calls – they can be directed to queues, ring groups, specialised video operators or follow any standard call flow rule in the PBX.

Simple Design Process

To ensure our systems fit the requirements of our clients, we conduct an interactive design process using our My Spex platform. Designing call flows and setting PBX rules is as simple as drop and drag – our design specialists working with you will also recommend alternatives to streamline your design.

One Vendor

Vixtel becomes your phone system provider and your telecommunications carrier. This means you have only one monthly predictable invoice to manage and one place to go for help and support.

Client Relationship Manager

All Vixtel clients are appointed a relationship manager. They are there to handle all requests, training, modifications and advice. They are the IT manager you never had!

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