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Delivering Exceptional Service Across Multiple Offices

Real estate agents are highly specialised professionals that have an intimate understanding of their local environment and the products they sell. They are responsible for managing potentially stressful transactions as clients embark on the most important transaction of their lives – buying or selling the family home.

Real estate agents must provide exceptional service – they must be contactable and ready to assist their clients. They understand that a communications system is important to their business but most are the first to admit they have no idea how to implement such a system.

How Vixtel Transforms The Real Estate Agent Business

Inter Office Connectivity

The Vixtel system accommodates satellite offices with no limit on the number of locations in a system. Calls can be seamlessly handled between offices as though they were in the same office.

Mobile Application

With the Vixtel App for iPhone and Android, staff can make and receive calls on their mobile using a landline number and extension of their PBX. These calls bypass the mobile network and most importantly the mobile bill.

Interact With Internet Leads

With Live Connex, staff can talk, text or conduct video sessions with potential clients directly from your website. Unlike standard web chat sessions, Live Connex connects the website to the PBX so web enquiries can be queued, placed in ring groups or sent directly to the right agent. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Client Relationship Manager

All Vixtel clients are appointed a relationship manager. They are there to handle all requests, training, modifications and advice. They are the IT manager you never had!

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