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The Vixtel hosted platform supersedes and replaces the traditional telephone exchange and old-fashioned on-premise PBX system.

Focused on delivering unsurpassed service the platform senses when there is a disruption in the circuit whether it be a power outage or physical cable break. On sensing a disruption it automatically switches to the back up plan and diverts the calls to predetermined devices.

The innovative design of the Vixtel switch and network forms the basis of the worlds first telecommunications system to allow telephone extensions to be located anywhere in the world and be connected as if they were in the same building.

Features At A Glance

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendants are phone system features that let callers self-direct their calls to the desired extension or group. They can be used in place of a front line receptionist or as an overflow solution. We can provide auto attendants for calls to a main number, and personal auto attendants for calls to direct extensions.

Quickdial Console and Busy Lamp Feature

The Glass Phone with its 9 inch touchscreen allows for functionality to be delivered to all users that were previously only available to receptionists or managers. Using the onscreen console, any user can see and pick up parked calls, create their own quick dial list and see who’s on a call and who’s available to talk.


Have your own conference bridge, always enabled and accessible by inviting participants to call the direct number and entering a 4 digit pin code.

Coaching Tools

We make it easy for supervisors to train, coach and monitor employees on the phone. Our training features also come standard:

Barge In

Supervisors can listen in on a call in progress without interrupting the call. Their presence can be announced or silent.


Supervisors can provide coaching, advice or corrections without being heard by the outside person.

Call Recording

Calls can be recorded, stored and played back for coaching purposes.

Business Application Integration

Many of our clients have existing equipment such as door opening buzzers, intercoms or paging hardware. The bulk of this third party developed equipment can be incorporated into the Vixtel system. Our engineers will work with you to assess compatibility.

What We Do

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