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Adjusting To The Changing Market Environment

The traditional inbound call centre has become a sophisticated communications operation. Managing multiple sites, combined with multiple clients with multiple product or service requirements is a complex task. The set up becomes even more complex as call centres move operations offshore in an attempt to cut costs.

To further complicate this industry, the market is moving on as consumers are choosing the web to interact with business instead of the phone. Commercial inbound phone traffic dropped around 30% last year and we predict this trend will continue if not accelerate.

How Vixtel Transforms The Call Centre

Build A Smarter Call Flow

There isn’t a call centre we’ve spoken to that couldn’t improve its call flow setup. System limitations or inhibitive change management practices stifle these improvements ever getting made. To ensure our systems fit the requirements of our clients, we conduct an interactive design process using our My Spex platform. Designing call flows and setting PBX rules is as simple as drop and drag – our design specialists working with you will also recommend alternatives to streamline your design.

Treat The Website Like An Inbound Number

Live Connex is transforming the way clients interact with businesses. Using video, call or text, web enquiries can be treated like inbound calls – they can be directed to queues, ring groups, specialised video operators or follow any standard call flow rule in the PBX.

Global Presence

Unlike the bulk of PBX suppliers and carriers, Vixtel offers a truly global solution. We can service satellite operations anywhere in the world and take care of the logistic and compliance issues associated with moving operations offshore.

Client Relationship Manager

All Vixtel clients are appointed a relationship manager. They are there to handle all requests, training, modifications and advice.

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